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What do you do for more efficient business decision making?

How to manage proactively your supply chain with visualized information across company borders

The Chemical industry faces many challenges during storage. Professional managing the inventory and supply chain helps you to reduce cost, improve customer satisfaction and increase safety and productivity. Level measurement of tanks and flow metering during truck loading for example are important tasks. But even more important is to transform this data into knowledge so that you can fast and efficiently react on supply chain volatilities. This is just one result of supply chain optimization.


  • Be competitive with continually optimized processes which are supported by up-to-date information – complete visibility 24/7

  • Measure up to the demands of the market with your planning and replenishment processes thanks to transparent inventory data and information

  • More accurate forecast demands and maximizing the degree of service by reducing your inventory with a time-conscious and integrated inventory management process

How much space is available? How much is loaded?

Business decisions at a Chemical or Petrochemical depot rely on where and when the product data is available. The earlier you know the data, obviously the more effective your tank farm operation can be. Data about tank farms is not only used at its originating location but across the whole supply chain. It can be a long journey for the data between a tank to a ERP system, but to have real-time information provides a true competitive edge.

To manage correctly, you must measure correctly

To create useful information to aid business decisions you must firstly create the data. Determining what is in the tank is still important information for daily or monthly inventories. But, for many daily operational tasks at a tank farm, the change of inventory is equally important. The data created by our highly accurate measurement devices is necessary for your supply chain optimization.

Get smarter with transparent information

The data needs to be turned into real information via inventory monitoring or terminal management software systems. Ideally this information is accessible to all relevant members of a company with the appropriate decision-making information across the globe. Our software SupplyCare supports you in:

  • Collaborative demand planning

  • Event-driven replenishment planning and scheduling

  • Reconciliation and consolidation of geographically distributed inventories

Curious about how to manage efficiently your supply chain?

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Managing inventory/supply chain is one of the biggest challenges for companies in Chemical industry ©Endress+Hauser

Managing your inventory and supply chain is one of the biggest challenges for companies in the Chemical industry but, if done well, it can give you a competitive advantage.

Supply chain solutions for data of measuring points on tanks to the ERP system. ©Endress+Hauser

It is often a long way for the data of measuring points on tanks to where the information is needed in the ERP system. Having realtime information will provide a competitive edge.

Tank and terminal systems are in place to give information about the products stored in a tank farm ©herjua/shutterstock.com

Tank and terminal systems are in place to give, among other things, information about the products stored in a tank farm: “How much is in the tank?”,“How much is loaded onto a truck?”

Consulting on the Tank ©Endress+Hauser