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Mine water management

Mine water treatment enhanced, ecological and economical

Drive efficiency and safety in mine water processes, from procurement to treatment and discharge

Mine water treatment plays a crucial role in mining operations, whether in guaranteeing a ready supply of fresh water for workforces, or in support of vital processes such as separation. However, procurement and treatment of the needed volumes of water are not the only challenges. Treating wastewater for safe discharge is equally complex. All of these challenges are compounded when operating in a remote location. The Endress+Hauser portfolio offers multiple solutions for mine water treatment.

How we can help

Endress+Hauser offers a broad range of sensor instrumentation to support optimal mine water processes, from monitoring of desalination of extracted water, to industrial water preparation, to treatment of water for discharge.

  • Monitor and control desalination to ensure safe consumption

  • Control essential parameters to optimize energy and chemicals used in water preparation

  • Balance wastewater treatment efforts to ensure compliance with efficiency


Effective and efficient desalination

Desalination is increasingly relied upon in mining to ensure a water supply. One of the most common desalination techniques, reverse osmosis relies on filtering seawater through specialized membranes. The challenge for mine operators is to guarantee long filtration cycles without harming the membranes, which can be prone to blockages, fouling and scaling.

Effective and efficient desalination
Our expertise in the field

Close process monitoring is essential to avoid downtime, and Endress+Hauser offers a complete portfolio covering all necessary parameters.

Accurate mining water preparation

Multiple parameters must be monitored in the preparation of mining water, such as pH to ensure the efficiency of settling, and turbidity to determine the level of the suspended solids.

Accurate mining water preparation
Our expertise in the field

Cutting edge Endress+Hauser digital Memosens sensors enable accurate and reliable monitoring of all essential parameters for optimal water preparation.

  • Measure and control water quality reliably and with accuracy

  • Calibrate with ease and without disturbing the process using removable sensor heads

  • Combine up to eight Memosens sensors with a Liquiline transmitter for remote monitoring of multiple parameters

Optimized wastewater treatment

The primary challenge for mine operators when treating wastewater is to find a balance between guaranteeing compliant effluent quality whilst minimizing costs.

Optimized wastewater treatment
Our expertise in the field

Endress+Hauser offers a fully dedicated portfolio of technologies for water processing and management, to enable such a balance to be quickly struck.

Industrial water treatment

Mebrane filtration ©Endress+Hauser
Wastewater treatment ©Endress+Hauser


Endress+Hauser has more than 60 years of experience in the water & wastewater industry. Hence we can not only support you with a dedicated portfolio of instruments and solutions developed specifically for water-related challenges, but also with the vast knowledge of our water industry experts. They are dedicated to lowering your water treatment costs without compromising the safety of your employees and of the environment.

  • 30%

    of the energy costs at most can be saved using our solution for aeration control

  • 20%

    cost savings due to less consumption of conditioner chemicals for sludge treatment

  • 60+

    years of experience in the water & wastewater industry

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