Enabling predictive maintenance in Oil and Gas

Boost availability and reduce maintenance costs by putting field instrumentation data to work

The Oil & Gas industry operates in tough environments with challenging KPIs and costly maintenance when things go wrong. Plant managers and engineers fight with availability, reduced resources but increased requirements and complexity in their facilities. Facing constant pressure to reduce operating costs, improve reliability (uptime) and increase process efficiency, you need better visibility of the condition of your process equipment to avoid costly unscheduled maintenance and reduce downtime.

Smart instruments and IIoT deliver the outcomes that matter

To increase plant availability our intelligent instrumentation with Heartbeat Technology provides diagnostics, verifies performance, and monitors instrument and process data. This enables you to optimize your processes and maintenance practices. Pairing device data with Netilion, our growing IIoT ecosystem will further boost maintenance efficiency, enable the deployment of preventive and predictive maintenance strategies, and optimize your processes over the entire life cycle.

  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs. Greater process availability

  • Continuous process and device diagnostics that make sense for you, and verification without process interruption

  • Monitoring enables proactive maintenance planning and trend analysis making condition-based and predictive maintenance possible

  • Netilion IIoT ecosystem will unlock the full potential of field instrumentation to vastly improve maintenance efficiency and distribute useful information to those who need it – 24/7 automatically

  • Heartbeat Technology enables the richest IIoT insights and benefits

How advanced instruments & digital services can support you

Instrumentation with Heartbeat Technology provides diagnostics, verification & monitoring functions ©Endress+Hauser

A range of our smart instruments for the oil and gas industry are equipped with Heartbeat Technology that provides high system availability with minimal effort and is a key enabler of IIoT solutions.

IIoT ecosystem for asset utilization and management vastly improves maintenance efficiency ©Endress+Hauser

Our Netilion IIoT ecosystem provides actionable information at the right time about your field devices to vastly improve maintenance efficiency. It is open to 3rd-party field devices and clouds.

The Netilion portfolio of apps bring essential insight and know-how right to your hands ©Endress+Hauser

The Netilion ecosystem and portfolio of apps unlock the full potential of your field instrumentation to give you the insight you need to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Putting device data to work

Fiield devices continuously check themselves to give a health check of your instruments & processes

Permanent device and process diagnostics

Using the diagnostic capability of Heartbeat Technology, field devices can continuously check themselves providing a health check of your instrumentation and processes to ensure key parameters are performing within specification at all times. With continuous self-monitoring of everything from the sensor to the output signal, you can be sure your measurements are reliable.

  • Ensures high device reliability and safe plant operation

  • Clear error messages and corrective guidance enable cost-effective, simplified condition-based maintenance

  • In-depth diagnostic coverage of up to 98%

Verifiy device functionality anytime, anywhere without process interruption

Instrument verification without interrupting the process

With Heartbeat Technology you can verify directly at the measuring point, without process interruption, that your devices are functioning correctly. A simple guided procedure generates a test report with clear results along with a verification protocol required by regulators, laws and standards.

  • Increased plant uptime

  • Reduced effort: verify anytime anywhere, saving time in the field

  • Reduced proof-testing costs and extended test cycles

  • In addition to Heartbeat Technology we provide SIL wizards for guided proof tests

Heartbeat technology corrosion detection, flowmeter tubes

Real time data for trend analysis and predictive maintenance

The monitoring function of Heartbeat provides detailed instrument and process data to facilitate condition-based maintenance. Examples include detecting the extent of coating build-up on radar-based level devices and in flowmeter tubes, permitting optimization of their cleaning cycles. Reliable detection of corrosion and abrasion in flowmeters are other examples. This visibility into the condition of your devices and processes permits trend analysis, making predictive maintenance possible.

  • Know when equipment and assets will need service or are likely to fail

  • Plan targeted service according to actual need / preventive maintenance to minimize costly unplanned downtime

  • Trend recognition from instrument and process data enables predictive maintenance

Netilion ecosystem and portfolio of apps give more insight to vastly improve maintenance outcomes

Greater insight and value with our digital services

To take maintenance management to the next level the huge amount of data from your field devices needs to be analyzed and translated into actionable knowledge. For this we developed Netilion, our IIoT ecosystem. Built upon our more than 15 years’ experience of Life Cycle Management concepts like W@M, this platform and growing portfolio of intelligent apps unlocks the full potential of your field instrumentation to give you more information and insight to vastly improve maintenance efficiency

  • Netilion, the cloud-based IIoT ecosystem harnesses the power of connected data to deliver the outcomes you care about

  • 3rd party devices can also connect and benefit

  • Extensive Heartbeat data enables the richest IIoT insights and benefits

Asset maintenance made easy with Netilion Health. Identify the error & how to solve it

Netilion Health: Have it under control everywhere

As an example, the Health Netilion service and app ensures you have the essential know-how right at hand so you can take quick action should an unexpected event occur. Health identifies the error, accesses precise information from the device manufacturer, and gives clear instructions on how to solve the issue. And there’s no need to rush back to the office to search for the correct documentation – it’s right with you on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Asset maintenance made easy

  • Track the health history of key devices for deeper insights

Schedule repair or replacement tasks exactly when needed

Netilion Predict: coming soon

Endress+Hauser will soon offer our predictive maintenance app that makes concrete predictions based on the condition of your devices. Built upon the continuous recording and analysis of monitoring data, the app calculates the optimum timeframe for carrying out maintenance on a device, minimizing unscheduled downtime, reducing maintenance costs, and increasing system availability. The service will also support 3rd party instrumentation.

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Integrated in a wide range of our instruments Heartbeat Technology provides status, diagnostic and monitoring data that allows you to service and maintain your systems exactly when needed. When paired with our digital services, previously untapped data from your field instruments and processes can be analyzed to provide the insight you need for preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance to vastly improve maintenance efficiency and optimize your processes.

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    years of process technology experience along with decades of R&D in digital technologies

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    of Endress+Hauser’s product portfolio is capable of digital communications

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