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Memograph S RSG12

Product picture of: Memograph S RSG12

This product is no longer available.

Please check new generation in the section predecessor / successor or contact your local Endress+Hauser entity.

Features and specifications



  • Measuring principle

    Electronic Data Acquisition

  • Functions

    Mathematics / combinations
    Signal analysis
    Interface / modem
    application packages
    ReadWin 2000

  • Maximal input

    6 analog
    4 digital (control, message and counting) inputs)

  • Maximal output

    8 analoge (U, I)
    11 Relay
    8 Power loop supply
    1 open collector output

  • Interface

    RS 232
    RS 485

  • Storage/Recording

    Internal memory
    ATA flash memory

  • Display

    STN colour graphic display

  • Housing

    panel mounting
    desktop housing
    field housing

  • Power supply

    115...230 V AC
    24 V AC/DC

  • Certification

    21 CFR 11
    Milk pasteurisation approval (MVD)
    CSA GP
    GOST Metrology

  • Software package

    Batch programme

Documents / Manuals / Software

Accessories / Spare parts

Order code
    • Order code 50074314

      Terminal plug-in 8pole RM5,08

      Memo-Graph/Memo-Graph S relay Alpha-Log digital I/O

    • Order code 50078843

      Terminal plug-in 3pol.for power supply

      Ecograph/Memograph/S + Alphalog from unit No.410297XA RIA45, grey coloured connector

    • Order code 50083646

      Terminal plug-in 11pole RM3,81

      Memo-Graph/Memo-Graph S digital I/O

    • Order code 50084844

      Terminal plug-in 8 pole RM3,81

      Memo-Graph/S analogue/digital input and Memo-Graph S analogue output

    • Order code 50090056

      Terminal plug-in 2pole MC1,5/2-ST-3,81

      Memo-Graph/Memo-Graph S/RIA 250

    • Order code 51001393

      Terminal plug-in 3 pole

      relay Memograph/S, Ecograph

    • Order code 51005104

      Terminal relay 6pole MSTB-ST2,5/5,08

      Memo-Graph/Memo-Gr.S/Eco-Graph C relay

    • Order code 71123475

      Terminal plug 3pole "N L PE" pitch 5.08

      for power supply RSG30: from unit No. DB001004267 orange coloured connector

    • Order code 51007932

      Memory card CF 128MB

    • Order code RXU10-

      Accessories Datamanager RXU10